Teradata Partners 2017 Keynote

Video created by Dolletta Mitchell Administrator on Oct 25, 2017

    Does the future live only in the greatest minds? 

    • It's not about being born a genius.
    • It's seeing the world from a truly unique perspective.
    • To follow your heart when no one else believes.
    • To have the courage to push pass the edge of possibilities.
    • To embrace passion and live your life on the edge of what is real.
    • You see tomorrow not as another day, but where The Edge of Next is just the beginning.




    • The future is about following a clear vision.
    • Being not only an innovator but an unstoppable force for good in the universe.
    • And, having the courage to walk with Giants and to live your life on The Edge of Next.




    The video is from the Teradata PARTNERS Conference, which is the premier, global data and analytics conference, led by customers for customers.  At PARTNERS, you were able to meet and learn from change-agents and practitioners—those marching to their own tune.


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